Building Your Story Universe Part 1

The Easy Part Was the Idea

I mean that literally. Getting the idea is easy. Now, why did I just make that statement? Because inspiration is all around us and finding an idea that inspires you does not take as much work as it does to flesh out that idea to create the plot and cast needed to tell your story.

If producing a good story was as easy as getting the idea then there would be countless of them but there aren’t, only the select few stick out and that is because those authors have done what’s necessary to bring their story to life. As a writer we don’t glide through this process we struggle and getting an idea is where it all beings.

The Willy Thing called Inspiration

Inspiration is like breathing air; you don’t search for it, it’s just there and you need it – you thrive off of it. There is no magic formula or special technique, just live. Live and ask why about the simple things and ideas will come. But everyone wants more than an idea right? We want that big idea that changes the way that a reader views his or her world or that idea that is so radical it works. If this is your goal you have some tough work a head of you. In order to make that kind of impact you do need a good idea but you need to be focused about what you want to say and that takes a bit more than the ‘magic’ from the idea. You’ll need skill and that comes from practice.

Only Your Zeal will Help You Get Through Drafts

Okay… that’s a bit of an understatement truth be told drafts are total torture. I know that its self-inflicted but in order to tell our stories you will fight with yourself, your characters, and your computer (or pen and paper if you write by hand) and that is going to take more than zeal. To finish your story it’s going to take discipline and vision to see what you want to accomplish in your work and then zeal to push to the finish line.

For most people its hard to get out what we want to say on paper – this is the purpose of the draft. The version of our stories in our heads is often different from what we write so we have to spend time shaping and evolving our concepts so that we can produce the best version of our stories that we can.

Every Story Has a Universe

I believe that in order to fully tell any story you need to know the world in which it resides. I call the worlds the story’s universe. This concept is especially important in writing genres like Sci-fi and Fantasy. Through the rest of the year I want to share with you some ways that I have gone about creating this universe for my stories. I hope that you enjoy and if you have any questions or other topics that you would love for me to touch on, leave a comment below.



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